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CHEFS WANTED!!!!!!     When and where is Men Cooking for CASA held?
The event will be held on the evening of January 27, 2018, at the Mount Vernon Event and Conference Center (formerly Holiday Inn) Ballroom and Atrium.  How does the Men Cooking for CASA event work? Men will volunteer to serve sample-sized portions of a dish they cook ahead of time to event attendees. Attendees will have the opportunity to place donations in the cook’s tip jar. The cook who raises the most donations for CASA will win the People’s Choice Award. How much food should I prepare?
Each cook should plan on preparing approximately 150 sample-sized servings. (PREPARE 50 FULL SIZE SERVINGS) What do I need to bring?
Bring your prepared dish, something to keep your dish warm/cold as necessary (chafing dishes and Sternos, coolers), serving implements (tongs, spoons), and decorations for your table/yourself (optional). Don’t forget your tip jar! What accommodations will be available for cooks?
Each cook will have one-half of an eight foot table (e.g. four feet of table space) to use as a serving station. A limited number of warming dishes (chafing dishes) will available for use on a first come/first served basis. Please let us know as soon as possible if you anticipate needing access to a warming dish.CASA will provide event aprons for the cooks, plastic serving gloves, small plastic soufflé cups, and forks and plates for attendees. Feel free to serve your dish the way that best showcases it. What is in it for me?
You will have the opportunity to showcase yourself, your personality and your cuisine. To show our gratitude, each cook will receive an event apron and a copy of the event cookbook. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped a child in need.  In addition, any cook who turns in copies of the receipts for the ingredients used in his recipe made for the event will receive a receipt from CASA for the value of his contribution that he can use for income tax deduction purposes. What else will be going on?
Each cook is encouraged to decorate his table/himself in any style/theme he wishes. (Keep it clean, boys!) There will be an award for best decor. There will also be a live auction, silent auction, and cash bar. What do I need to do before the event?
1)Fill out the entry form and return it to CASA.
2) Taste test and refine your recipe.
3) Get us your recipe and a photo for the cookbook.
4) Invite all yourfriends to buy a ticket and come out and support you!
5) Friend us on Facebook.    

Chef Entry Form

After completion of form

Please email recipe to stefb0404@gmail.com@yahoo.com